Events, Activities
and FUN!
Whether it's enjoying a jazz brunch
on a Sunday afternoon, riverside
camping, jumping out of a plane at
10,000 feet or attending a black tie
affair, our activities and events are
diverse to give you a variety of active
and passive choices.
Time to pull out
the classy
cocktail dress.
This is a formal
Just Wright Socials was
created with passion, quality
and the inevitable desire to
always incorporate a healthy
balance of life's simple
My two favorite quotes:
"You don't stop playing because you get
old, you get old because you stop playing"

"Life is not measured by the breaths you  
take, but by the moments that take

your breath away".
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Faye is a native New Yorker (and because she still pronounces every letter
in the word Maryland, she has been told that she will always be a
New "Yawker").

In 1993 when times were hard and spare money to travel wasn't an option,
she organized her very first group trip to Sesame Place, so that she and
her son could go on complimentary tickets. From that point on organizing
activities and group trips became her passion and career of choice.
Realizing the impact she had on people that she met and the positive
outcome and reward of seeing people step out of their comfort join, Faye
went back to school to receive her degree in Recreation Therapy.

esides,currently working as a Center Director in a recreation center in
Maryland, Faye has been a volunteer with Tours De Sport for 18 years and
she loves the variety of guest that she has
encountered and many of them
have become long time friends.

Life isn't waiting for people to make up their mind to live nor does life have
sympathy for those that want to have a self pity party. Money allows a
person options but it doesn't make the person. Faye truly believes that
where there is a will there is a way and she is determined to show all of her
clients that no matter what their circumstance could be, there is a way to
enjoy life.

Be a part of life.......Be a part of Just Wright Socials......
You won't be disappointed with the quality of services received.
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